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When you hear the name Dick Cepek, you immediately think of off-road adventure. Established in 1958 by avid out-doorsman and off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek.

Dick Cepek enjoyed hunting,  fishing and all types of outdoor activities. Once he moved out West, exploring the Southwestern desert regions through off-roading was his passion. He acquired a Land Rover to explore the local southern California deserts. While he was out exploring the terrain, Dick soon realised that the tyres that were available in those days were not suitable for the type of terrain he was encountering in the local deserts; he kept finding himself in difficult situations, whether it was having a flat tyre or sinking in the soft sand. 

So it all began with him calling countless manufacturers to find or have built a street legal wide tyre. Eventually, he finally came across Armstrong Tire and discovered that they had a farm implement tyre that might meet his needs and he convinced them to have it DOT approved. The tyre was called the Hi-way Flotation tyre, which was introduced in 1961. 

The next issue he ran into was not having a wheel wide enough to fit this wide of a tyre, however Dick found a local wheel builder to build what he needed and this is where his legacy began.

His passion soon grew into a business, and eventually became a popular aftermarket off-road accessory company. 

Dick opened the doors to the first real ‘Off-Road’ retail shop in 1967. At the time, Dick Cepek products included tyres, lights, and suspension products as well his trademark “Baja Proven” camping supplies.

The Dick Cepek brand authentically represents this same spirit with the high-quality, reliable tyre and wheel products we make. 

We are dedicated to providing the best products available for truck, Jeep, SUV and 4×4 owners who enjoy the great outdoors and a lifetime of adventure.

Proudly still made in the USA, the Dick Cepek tyre range offers tyres for any outdoor adventure. 

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